Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Classics Club January Meme

As per one of my resolutions for this year, I am almost late for it but not quite- this is my post for the January Meme for The Classics Club. This month's questions is:

What is the best book you've read so far for The Classics Club- and why? Be sure to link to the post where you discussed the  book! (Or, if you prefer, what is your least favorite read so far for the club, and why?)
 I'm very grateful for these monthly memes. I just now looked to see what books I have successfully been able to cross off of my list and was dismayed to see that I've only done three: Sense and Sensibility, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Villette. Out of those three, however, I think that I have to select Sense and Sensibility as my favorite so far. I read this book for both The Classics Club and Austen in August (hosted by Roof Beam Reader). Here is a link to my original review. After thinking it over, I have concluded that this book is my favorite simply for the fact that I loved the story long before I ever read the novel. As you will read in the original review, I had become enamored by the PBS/BBC version of the film years ago and knew and loved the story. Too afraid to attempt the novel I only viewed the video (over and over and over) and never read the book. However, this past summer I faced my fear of classic literature (despite being an English major in college and having read several classics then) and found that I was now able and ready and excited to read the book from which one of my favorite movies was based.
The video adaptation followed the story very closely and this helped me to be able to understand the prose of the time. I loved the whole experience of simultaneously reading and watching the story unfold and thought that it added a little extra something to the whole reading experience. Both the book and the movie are delightful and I highly recommend that you experience both. Plus Edward Ferrars is yummy in the film, and it took me until last week upon a re-watch that Edward is also Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey!

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