Friday, October 25, 2013

#FridayReads 10/24/13

I rushed home from work today and finished up Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which I LOVED!! I finished it about a half hour ago and I've been outlining my review which I hope to have up sometime this weekend. I loved this book so much, guys! I feel really bad for the next book that has to follow Fangirl. I am so in love with Rainbow Rowell now, it's not even cute! AND I am going to Yallfest next month and guess who is going to be there!!!???? RAINBOW ROWELL!!!!!!! SQUEeeEEEeeeeeeeEAL!
Last weekend I went to Barnes and Noble and bought Fangirl (which, I LOVED!!!) and The Coldest Girl In Coldtown which I suppose I will start tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that G and I are going to the Renaissance Festival though, so maybe it will have to wait until Sunday. Which should give me a little more time to come down from my Fangirl high (did I mention how much I loved that book?). I've also decided that I am never going to make my way to the top of my library's Insurgent list which means that I will never get to Allegiant which means that in all of the numerous BookTubes and blogs I consume over the week, one will undoubtedly spoil me so I will just buy the e-book (which is pretty good right now at only $6.99 on the Nook) and I plan to start that one after Coldtown. Coldtown will be a good one for Halloween though, so I may let that one drag out and get to Insurgent in November.
GAH! So many books and so little time!!!

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  1. Fangirling over Fangirl... how very appropriate. :)
    I have this one sitting RIGHT THERE on my shelf and I almost don't want to read it because I'm so certain that I'll love it and it'll be perfect and it might just spoil me for reading for the next month. Does that make sense?!

  2. It 100% makes sense! It's a rational thought too, because now I'm comparing everything to Fangirl! It was THAT GOOD!