Sunday, May 5, 2013

Looking Ahead: May

I've been pretty MIA (again) for a while but it is what it is. I got SWAMPED at work and then I busted my ankle and knee running and have been languishing over that injury for weeks now and I have not felt like reading. Any time I picked something up, it would not hold my interest. I had no desire to go to the library, I had no desire to read and catch up on my favorite blogs, I missed three months worth of book club, I was just in another deep reading funk. I did manage to read one cozy mystery that only required 2 brain cells to get through. But, now I'm hopefully back (and things at work are going to wind down soon, only 24 more days at school with the babies and then a week of workdays and then glorious summer with ample time to read!!!)

So, since I've been in a reading funk I obviously wasn't keeping up with my 2013 TBR pile or my Classics Club list or my 1001 books list. Le sigh. However, I'm hoping like mad to play catch up which means I've got a lot of work ahead of me for May! The above picture is my TBR for this month (I've already read and rated The Great Gatsby). Our book club selection for next month is The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin. I got my hands on a copy yesterday after a frantic search and a 55 person request in front of me line at the library and so far I am very much enjoying it! It's rainin cats and dogs here right now and I can't wait to finish up this post and go sit by the window, sip some hot chocolate (it's also pretty chilly here today, which is very odd for the south and for the fact that we had such a mild winter, but I love nothing more than a rainy day that allows me to cozy up with a good book so I'll not complain) and keep reading it.

Since I need to get caught up with my 2013 TBR I need to squish in March's selection: A Walk In The Woods and April's: Love in the Time of Cholera; this one will also knock off one in my Classic's Club list as well as 1001 Books. 

As I was visiting family for Spring Break my aunt gave me a copy of Marmee & Louisa that I am dying to read as well. I doubt that I will be able to knock all of these off my list this month, but I do hope to stay out of that funk I get into sometimes and to be able to get through as much as I can. 

Since there wasn't a lot of reading going on lately, I won't do a looking back part to this post for this month, but check back at the end of May to see a looking back segment for the upcoming month.

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  1. There are some great books on that pile! I have the exact same version of Love in the Time of Cholera staring at me from my bookshelf--and still waiting to be read. Hope you have a great reading month.