Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That Post On Why I Had To Backburn Armchair BEA (insert sad emoticon here)

Let me tell y'all a little something about the week I'm having. Like I have mentioned in several previous posts, I am currently working as a school librarian in a middle school in North Carolina. Working for the Department of Public Education in North Carolina means that once a year I get treated to a little delight that you yourself may remember from your school days. Yes, that's right I'm talking End Of Grade Testing, or EOG's if you want to strike fear in the hearts of students and teachers alike. This years EOG's have been a monster. This particular monster requires extra attention to details and extra crossing of I's and dotting of T's since we are all now being judged on a new "standard 6" which could mean that if things don't go the way they want it in the capitol, we could all loose our jobs and die penniless. So to prevent this from happening someone's got to account for all of this extra attention and that is where the librarian comes in. And why not? "All she does all day is sit up there and read books anyhow." So I have spent all of this week working, literally, 14 hour days. I had high hopes of participating in Armchair BEA. I even had all of my responses pre-written out and ready to go, but when you've been on your feet for 14 hours and getting yelled at and abused, the last freakin' thing you're thinking about when you finally get home and get something to eat and it's already 10:30 is blogging.

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I guess I really should have consulted a calendar when Armchair BEA was announced and not even bothered to get my hopes about participating in this exciting event up. I have not even been able to pick up a book this week I have been so swamped and beat. Today I finally managed to read a chapter in City of Bones and even that was difficult as I kept thinking about a million other things I need to accomplish before I can actually cram myself into bed. I really did want to participate in Armchair BEA very badly, but the timing is so off this year. There's always next year....

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